Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is this camera to setup?

Super easy! Just plug it into any energized light socket and it's ready to work!

Is this an Outdoor Camera?

The BulbEyes is IP65 certified, which makes it really suitable for use in outdoor environments.IP65 means that the camera is fully protected (i.e. guarded) against dust and is resistant to low-pressure water jets. This makes it ideal for outdoor environments, especially where dust and rain may be present.

Does BulbEyes Security Camera work with both Android and iPhone?

Yes! This security camera will work with both Android or iPhone environments. Just scan the QR Code to download the appropriate app.

Can we share our cameras with others?

Yes, you can share your cameras across multiple people and devices using the QR code within the app.

What happens when the power goes out, do I need to reset my settings?

Nope, the camera will store all your settings and your last set position. The camera will automatically recalibrate itself when the power comes back on and default to the last position the admin gave it.

I went through the steps, but I still am having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. What should I do?

Make sure that you have connected the product to your 2.4g network, rather than your 5g network. This fixes customers issues most of the time.

What is the Camera resolution?

The resolution of a 4MP camera is 2560x1440, which is roughly 3.68 million pixels, whereas the resolution of 1080p is 1920x1080, amounting to about 2.07 million pixels. Therefore, a 4MP camera offers a higher resolution than 1080p, capturing more details, especially when zooming in on images.